Faire travailler son imagination en anglais, c’est possible !

Faire travailler son imagination en anglais, c’est possible !


La production de Rebecca et Jean-Baptiste (1G1, section euro), a été choisie pour figurer sur le site web du magazine SPEAKEASY NEWS des éditions Nathan dans le cadre d’un concours d’écriture créative (creative writing) inspirée par le sport et les jeux olympiques (niveau B1+).

Un grand bravo à ces deux jeunes talents qui se sont distingués parmi des milliers de participants lors d’un concours national ! Pas de prix à proprement parler pour eux mais la satisfation d’avoir réussi à séduire le jury avec l’histoire originale que voici :


The Unbearable

Yuri was a little boy, about 10 years old, when he got lost in the woods of the Tatras in Slovakia and just stayed there. At 18 he was tough, smart and agile. He would play fight with bears every day, race against deer and catch fish with his bare hands.
One day, he heard a chainsaw in the distance and went to see what was happening. A big company was planning to cut down the forest. He wished to stop them but he didn’t know how, so he went back to the city to find an answer. There, he saw a poster for a big MMA tournament. The FFYD: Fight For Your Dream. The winner got his wish granted. The only requirement was to have a dream. For Yuri, this was an opportunity.

He won the first fights by mimicking his opponents’ style because he didn’t trust in his own skills. In the final his opponent was a world class MMA wrestler whose dream was just to crush other’s dreams. The first round began and Yuri got smashed, he didn’t have time to mimic his opponent for he was too quick. The second round was no better. It all came down to the third and final round…

Yuri, facing defeat, realized something important. He was not being himself, he wasn’t fighting like he had learned to in the forest. As he stepped into the ring, his opponent was stunned. With his newly found confidence Yuri had become as strong as a bear. He charged with rage, his ambition stronger than ever. The wrestler was overwhelmed by a rain of fists and got knocked out instantly. Yuri won! He then returned to the forest, forever remembered as the legendary fighter, the Unbearable, and was never bothered by tree cutters again.


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